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u and the C

It is 2 yrs since i first met u. u and the sea at the same day. i love u and hate C. i can't  imagine i loved u at the first sight. i can't imagine i love the man of the C. maybe the rough of the C, the roaring of the wind and, the fierce beating of the wave made me fearful. i am like the little girl finding a protector. like drowning having caught the lifebuoy, like the injured bird in the storm having found a peaceful bring me a beautiful life. i love u, love yr voice, yr smile, yr care for the saltiness of the u remember? i was panic, i cried... shouted...time flys. i love u and don't hate the C. cos the C is yr home, is the place having u, is the reason we come together, although sometimes i sulk over the C, or i sulk over u...2 yrs to love, to wait, to hope for a brighter future.the day u went to the C, to start a long voyage, is the worst day in my life. i cried...i knew i too. the cry in yr heart, the invisible cry. i know yr love for me. i know how much u love me...i try not to sulk u. cos yr life is not easy. being far away from the family, facing with a large amount of difficulty...with the sun, wind, with the fierceness of the C.


the man of the C is the devoted man, for the family, for the nation, for the beloved one.being happy when coming back home, being warm, tight hugs...forget the pain. think of the come_back day. love u much more. to see our love like the dawn in the C, like the ship beginning a new voyage, full of love, proud to be the man of the C, be proud the wife of a seaman...  

the first time a met u and the C...

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